Nourished Beginnings Fruit and Oat Slice


At Northcote Early Learning Centre we are proud to have partnered with Nourished Beginnings to create a delicious whole foods menu for each of our centres. We believe in offering local, fresh, tasty food options for our tamariki.

Whole food is food that is eaten as close to its natural state as possible. No additives, unprocessed, unrefined and little to no traces of chemicals. It is thinking about where our food comes from and the processes that are undertaken to get it to our plates. Whole food is enjoying the food we are eating whilst appreciating and understanding the nourishment it is giving our bodies. Wholefood is real food.


With hectic lives and busy schedules, we don’t often give our children the opportunity to learn to appreciate real food. We think that vegetables must be hidden in order to be eaten. We are so busy in our lives we think it’s easier to hide vegetables than have to sit down and enjoy our meals with our children and talk about food.


In a childcare setting, and around the family dinner table we have the perfect opportunity to sit with the children and talk about food. To encourage them to try new foods. To explain what foods help them run faster, concentrate better, or make us feel better when we’re sick. A whole food diet gives your child the opportunity to build a resilient digestive and immune system. We believe all of this is crucial in setting children up to have a healthy relationship with food for life.

Katie Harding - Nourished Beginnings

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