Our Rooms


Within the Piccoli Rooms we provide a warm, calm and unhurried environment for our infants from roughly 3 months to 2 years.

Our Piccoli Educators practise aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach and focus on building trusting, responsive and respectful relationships with the infants so they feel happy, safe and secure.

When our infants develop this strong sense of trust and belonging, they experience the physical and emotional security needed to become confident in relationships which allows for extended learning to unfold.

Our natural, spacious rooms are set out to allow free movement and play, both indoors and outdoors between two rooms. This encourages our infants to explore their environments and investigate with papatuanuku at their doorstep. We encourage and support infants to gain confidence in their bodies, within a peaceful environment where educators pay careful attention to the level of sensory stimulation and perform attentive care rituals.


The two Mezzo Rooms are our spaces for toddlers aged roughly 2-3 years old.

Our Mezzo kaiako provide fun and stimulating learning experiences that ignite curiosity, imagination and a love of learning through discovery within a Reggio inspired natural environment. The tamariki are encouraged to explore their own interests and development through rich and rewarding experiences while being supported by sensitive and understanding Kaiako.

We support our tamariki to develop a sense of self and a sense of belonging within the Mezzo rooms. When our children feel a sense of belonging, they have confidence to engage in new experiences, build social competence, learn important self-help skills and develop their independence.


In the Bambini Room, we cater for children aged roughly 3 -5 years old.

Our Educators continue to encourage our tamariki to develop a life-long love of learning facilitated through captivating, open-ended learning experiences, where the project approach within the Reggio Emilia philosophy is highly valued.

The Bambini environment acts as a third teacher for our children. Our bright, spacious and well-resourced room and natural outdoor area, provides tamariki with endless opportunities to explore and learn through a rich array of play-based experiences.

We focus on supporting our Bambini tamariki to become competent, confident and capable individuals, fostering the development of their strong sense of identity, positive learning dispositions, problem solving skills and social competence. All these qualities help to form a strong foundation for ongoing learning and prepare our young children for their transition to primary school and the wider community.

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